Wear The Shirt

Own a restaurant and want to be on TV? Well let your staff wear some BB shirts and we will put you front and center on our TV show. Yeah, seriously….

We send you the shirts, you take a video/photo or create your own commercial basically where you can shamelessly promote your business. You’re already doing a little dance aren’t you? It’s fun for us and we love learning about good food and good people.

Here’s how to get on the list: (yes we are filling up fast)

  1. Send us a quick email to weartheshirt(at)businessbewareshow.com
  2. Tell us where you’re located and name of business
  3. Tell us one cool thing about you
  4. How many shirts you would need for your staff


I don’t have a restaurant but have a storefront and would love to participate in this, is that possible?
Absolutely. We just like to give our friends at restaurants a chance because they can’t file complaints at Business Beware so we created this for them to show their support. Just follow the same instructions above and tell us about you.

Can we keep the shirts after we participate?
No sorry. KIDDING! Of course and we hope you wear them everyday and shower in them…well not shower in them but you get the picture…

Can we be creative with our video and/or photos?
We welcome it but just make sure it’s PG rated…