Tee Buzz

Tired of overpaying for typical banner ads and boring marketing stunts?? Wish there was a way to get your business’ name out there in an buzz-worthy, “knock it outta the park” way as opposed to “completely from outta left field??” Well step right up because here at Business Beware, we are small business owners that understand the amount of a dollar, and are not just your typical sales reps.

We are excited to reveal a new sponsorship opportunity for our fellow upcoming entrepreneurs! We have decided to add a fun and inexpensive way to create buzz about your business across the web, as well as a possible plug on our TV show.

This sponsorship option will run for $100 per 60-90 second video (depending on amount of content sent to us for filming). Compare this amazing offer to that of a $1,500 magazine printed ad or a 1” billboard ad in NYC… (not to mention the social media plugs that we will provide via the post and video). And don’t forget, this video and post will be on our website forever!

The outline of your sponsor video will be as follows…
1 – Intro
2 – Plug Your Business’s Name
3 – Share the concept including the Product &/or Service
4 – Why “We think your business is awesome…” (in our own words)
5 – Share Contact information (Website, Phone number, Twitter, etc.)
6 – Review concept & what your Business offers
7 -Closing argument on why to use your Service/Product

Your video will be individually posted on our website as well as on Youtube and other video distribution sites. Any photos/logos you would like us to include will be put on the post and our Flickr account. All links, videos, and photos will link back to your website to build your website’s SEO… (Awesome buzz marketing!)

Ready to get started? What the heck are you waiting for?!

Email Leah: leah(at)businessbewareshow.com