The YEC Launches #StartupLab

I’ve been completely honored to be a part of the YEC organization. From the first time that we interviewed Scott Gerber, I knew he was one of those people that would continue to do great things. Not only have I learned a great deal from Scott but also from my fellow members who are on

Design A Business Blueprint, Hiring Sub-Contractors and #FixYoungAmerica

 We use our awesome partner Vidyard for video hosting because they rock. We continue our chat about “Finding your Occu-passion” and why you should design a business blueprint rather than a business plan. We answered your questions on hiring sub-contractors and when it’s okay to take a vacation as a small business owner. We also show you

37 Must Read Books For Small Business Owners

Gen Y and The Youth Entrepreneurship Act

14 Tips on Finding the Best Location For Your Business

Educating The Minds Of Young Entrepreneurs

We’re taking a break today (actually we never take breaks but nice to think about) because all weekend we interviewed some amazing businesses and family business owners that have some AMAZING stories and advice for young and seasoned business owners. Here’s a sneak peak at one of our interviews on location from this weekend (photo

Building a Business Without Going Broke: Interview with Scott Gerber

Unemployment rates are still unreal especially for those right out of college. Entrepreneurs are starting to pop up everywhere due to the way the economy is at the moment and Scott is starting a movement with his new book and young entrepreneur council on how to Never Get a “Real” Job. We had the chance to talk with

So when are you going to get a “real” job?

Look what we found! Yes, it’s Scott Gerber’s new book Never Get a Real Job. Well we didn’t find it we actually bought it on Amazon but it happened to make it’s way to our studio desk. Can we just say how awesome this book is? We have already read a few chapters and it’s

Laziness is For Losers, Get Up and Do Something

We live in a society where kids think if they don’t have a reality show of their own by the age of 30 then they’re a failure.  Society makes kids believe that they have to go to school, get good grades and that lands them the perfect job…. Right. Show Recap: Great show this past

“Never Get a Real Job”

Our society makes us think we have to get a “certain” education/job or we are failures.  The media makes people look like overnight successes and make others think if they don’t have their own reality show by the time they’re thirty then they have failed.  If you have an idea and want to start something

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