Start-up Spotlights

What is Start-up Spotlights?

It’s a new segment we decided to start after an overwhelming response we got on HARO about what everyone’s favorite start-up was whether it was their own or one they stumbled across. After Leah received the never-ending emails she said “let’s create a new segment and feature one each week” and so the segment was born.

We have many passions when it comes to business and entrepreneurship but what we truly love is learning the stories behind a business or product. What made that person start or create the idea? Their passion is contagious and we love sharing others passion with everyone else too. ALSO another cool part to mention is that we are partnering with 365 Startups on this segment where they will feature each story on their website too. Yes, it just became that much more awesome didn’t it?

How often are you spotlighting entrepreneurs and start-ups?

We plan on featuring at least 2-3 a week.

Where can I watch the interviews?

The interviews will be either on our TV or radio show but as always you can download any shows or read up on everything we do right here on the site.

Can I submit my start-up and be featured?

Absolutely. We actually do a little dance every time we get the chance to talk with someone new and learn about their story. Just email leah(at) and put in the subject line “Start-up Spotlight.”

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