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Interested in partnering with us or finding out more information about awesome sponsorships we have available? Fill out the form below so we can you all the deets over to you.  

Sponsorship Highlights

We love working with cool people. Here are just a few things that we do when we work with you.

  • Shout out at the beginning of the show with website mentioned and logo flashed on screen as “show brought to you by.”
  • Shout out on a separate large interview that’s posted on the site and distributed.
  • 45-60 second commercial shown at the break during the show and as “segment brought to you by.”
  • Text and banner link in show notes when the show is posted on the site (that stays forever).
  • Link on our partner page that never goes away.
  • Product placement during the show (if applicable).
  • Constant social media plugs outside of the show.

Send us an email below to get more information or for any questions you have. Don’t forget to check out our custom commercials we offer too in case you need a commercial made for your business.

Here’s what one of partners had to say about working with us:

“This was a first for Stompers Boots and we could not be more pleased with the results.  The production value of the commercial well exceed our investment, and while our series of sponsored programs are just starting to air, we fully anticipate additional traffic to our website. This was a great investment for Stompers and something we plan to repeat in the future.”

Ken Hedrick

FYI – A partnership with us means being part of our family. We invite you with open arms. 

If you're interested in learning more about how you can partner with us here at Business Beware and on the show, send us a quick message below.

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