MDRT Journey

A Vehicle to Promote. A Journey to Inspire.

Background on our boys at Million Dollar Road Trip: (in their own words)

The Million Dollar Road Trip (MDRT) is a cross-media marketing business promoting American Small Business and inspiring the entrepreneurial spirit today.

We have embarked on THE ULTIMATE ROAD TRIP: a journey throughout the continental United States, touring over 50 of the nation’s largest cities and attending dozens of marquee events.  Our Airstream International (which we live in) is the ideal medium and our trip the ideal canvas to deliver our message, inspiring young people to dare to dream and do, to think and act boldly. Now.

We are profiling small business owners from around the country.  We want to highlight bold action to inspire people to continue to dream big and take risks to pursue their passions.  We are awarding young entrepreneurs with cash grants along the way.  Entrepreneurship is an essential American ethos spanning geography and generations; it is fundamental to who we are, to where we are today, and to where we will be tomorrow.

Small businesses from all over the country buy space on the outside of our trailer and we promote them on the road and on the web. The ad sales fund our operations, promotions and grants.  We provide valuable marketing for all the businesses while covering the trailer with thousands of logos from across America.  We will create a monument to small business and entrepreneurship, and our goal is to put our Airstream in the Smithsonian Museum.

Why We Are Working Together…

We found these amazing guys through our friend Jason at IWYS and instantly we were drawn to them and their mission. We immediately bought an ad on their airstream for support and have kept in touch ever since. After talking about both of our missions we decided it was time to work together and really bring it for small business owners. So each week Patrick and Walter will share their journey and small business owners stories with us on our show.

This is going to be one amazing segment each week and we are so excited to be a part of their mission as well as have them share their journey each week on the show. Small business owners are the backbone of America and we are both here to shed light on what it takes to to be an American business owner.

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