I Am Mom and Pop

This is dedicated to all of the hard working small mom and pop businesses out there. We got tired of other networks claiming that small businesses are in the $30-$10 million a year category. To us, that is not what we consider a small business. So we decided to call ourselves and those outside that category “the forgotten race” also known as mom and pop businesses.

Here are statistics from the SBA on many small businesses there are in the US:

Total firms: 5,088,120 (as of 2009)

  • 1-4 employees: 2,790,233 (54%)
  • 1-19 employees: 4,475.352  (87%)

To sum up what that means is that most businesses in the US have 24 workers or less. What they consider as “small” is not what we consider a mom and pop business…

Family Business magazine allows you to contribute material to their magazine but here is a snapshot of one of the terms you have to qualify for:

They focus on family enterprises in at least the second generation (and, preferably, in the third generation or later) with annual revenues of $30 million or above. We are particularly interested in profiles of nationally known family companies.

Not sure who they are targeting with these numbers, maybe Coca Cola?

These are just two organizations of hundreds where many try to turn to when they want to start or grow their business. The bad thing is that these organizations don’t really understand or know what it’s like to be a mom and pop business. It’s honestly just sad that they make people think they will help you but in all truth it’s just a council of people with a lot of money who want a check mark in their resume list. Also networks like CNBC and Fox Business cater to corporations, not small business. Their experts are those CEO’s who don’t do what we do on a daily basis. We are CEO’s of our business sure but we also clean our own bathrooms, keep the books, do our own advertising, change the oil in our vehicles and so much more. It’s not fair to put people like them in front of us while trying to fill our heads with useless information that will never apply to us or our business.

You may be reading this and disagree (most won’t) with what we’re saying here but you have to understand that we come from a long line of mom and pop entrepreneurs. And may we add, successful mom and pop businesses for that matter. But success to us is not hitting a 5 million mark (which we have never seen), it’s about providing jobs for people and making a living for our families. That’s exactly what the foundation has always been to a small business owner for decades.

We’re not trying to put down any organizations but we are bringing the facts to everyone’s attention. We started Business Beware on the foundation of helping business owners nationwide and that’s exactly why we’re taking a stand for mom and pop stores across the country. The best way you can ever learn is hands on experience and listening to advice from those that have been there. We have create I Am A Mom And Pop where everyone can share their stories, photos, inspiration and advice from what they’ve learned over the years. We invite you to share this with fellow friends and enjoy every story that is shared by people across the country. Submit your photos and stories to iamamomandpop(at)gmail.com