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Who says family can't run the show?

Learn all about the people behind the scenes that make this show what it is and just how awesome a family business can be.

Robert Bodi

favorite thing about BB: being the business owner's advocate We are still trying to teach him how to tweet…

Robert has been a business owner for more than 30 years and is also the founder of Business Beware. Over these years he has received numerous awards for his work, including the “Sports Turf Manager Association Field of the Year” Award in 1997 as well as written articles for STMA. He has taught classes at local colleges and has the following certifications: Irrigation Contractor, Landscape Irrigation Auditor, Irrigation Designer, Golf Irrigation Auditor and the Irrigation Association. Robert started Business Beware to help fellow businesses warn each other about problem customers. His main goal with Business Beware is to help put trust back between the business and the customer.


Ashley Bodi

favorite thing about BB: getting the chance to meet amazing new people and helping business owners everyday @BusinessBeware Ashley is the co-founder and creator of Business Beware. She majored in Communications and Marketing while also playing volleyball in college. After coming back from working on a documentary in Los Angeles she remembered the idea Robert told her when she got out of school and was ready to pursue the concept of "Business Beware." Working for the family business is where she grew a passion for her drive behind Business Beware and the show. Ashley is also a part of the YEC and YEC Women and regularly contributes advice to young and upcoming entrepreneurs.