Frequently Asked Questions at the Business Beware Show answered by yours truly:

How can I get on the show?

We have a TON of ways you can be a part of the show. You can check out our topics here and then send in your submission via email. We are looking to interview awesome business owners and entrepreneurs all the time so feel free to reach out to us and introduce yourself to us.

I love the Jamais quotes! Can I submit one for him and share it?

Heck yeah! We had so many people ask us about this that we decided to open it up to the public and now you can submit quotes for Jamais and share it wherever you like. Visit the official page of Jamais or visit his tumblr website.  Send your quote to jamais(at)businessbeware.biz and we will get it stamped on there for you. Please no vulgar stuff but otherwise have a blast with it (new features coming very soon too!).

Do you do speaking engagements?

We do. But between running 3 businesses and running BB we are usually all over the place as it is but we try and make all of the ones we can. Let us know if you would want us to speak and we will do our best to make it happen.

Can I do an interview with you or the whole Bodi crew? 

You made us smile by asking that question and yes you can. It’s a little tough to get all of us under one roof due to our schedules but we do our best to make it happen. If you want a certain person to interview, just contact us and we will make sure the right person gets the info.

Do you visit small businesses for your shows?

Absolutely we do. This is something we have really started to jump into because we have so much fun meeting so many awesome business owners. If you are interested in us visiting your store or business email us so we can get you on the list and make sure we don’t miss you.

How can you say the “customer is not always right” when you own businesses and deal with customers everyday?

We say it because it’s true and what we set out to do with BB. If that’s how you feel then we invite you to come on the show and challenge us with your opinion. Don’t worry we won’t embarass you but we definitely won’t back down from what we believe.

With the CustoMonster 3000 you seem to portray a business owner should use the bat on the customer if they don’t pay. Is that how you truly feel?

Sometimes…kidding. Those videos are for pure humor and are not how we truly handle bad customers. But when you see these videos it can make you go “oh I know someone who is a CustoMonster.” It’s all in good fun we don’t actually beat anyone with the bat although sometimes it might be tempting.

How can I find out when you are looking for business owners to interview and when new shows are published?

Sign up for our newsletter. And also subscribe via rss and iTunes. We break the shows into segments for the web since they are an hour long. Soon you will have other ways to watch the show so stay tuned.

You make fun of a lot of things with your “Stuck on Stupid” segments. Do you get in trouble for that?

No. And of course again it’s all in good fun but that’s the web today. Don’t put things up if you don’t think others might use it for something else and you might possibly get made fun of. Who knows we may get made fun of but that’s cool we say bring it on (and it only increases visibility for BB).

Can I buy some gear?

Well of course you can. Visit our store. Also we like to give away free stuff too. So make sure and sign up for the VIP list.

Can I put your videos on my blog or site?

Yes you may. But we ask that you not download them and re-upload them to other sites.

Where do you get those amazing graphics for your show?

We get these glorious graphics from the ever talented MotionVFX