Custom Commercials

Custom Commercials for Small Businesses

Custom commercials are what we like to call “advertising gold at a small price.” When we say “custom” we mean it. We make sure that your commercial covers everything you want your audience to know about your product/service, while making it look the best possible. We understand that every business is different, and by creating these commercials, you are spotlighting your business and showcasing your brand. The commercials are used during our TV show (that airs nationwide) and that we distribute across our networks (which is also seen via web-enabled TV after being uploaded!). Video is one of the most engaging tools that you can use to promote your business or product. We’re not camera shy and we are experienced in video production work. Want to sponsor the show and be an exclusive partner? Email Ashley for more info: ashley(at)

The Breakdown and Value of a Custom Commercial

With our show we put out about 10-11 videos a week (sometimes even more) so that means if your video is seen before even half of those x 5+ social media platforms x 8+ web-enabled TV”s x BB Show website x our TV network = why the heck are you not signed up for this yet? Produced commercials can cost close to $5000 just to shoot and edit them. Print magazine ads can cost $1200-4000 that only run once in a certain month. Now how much more awesome does this deal sound? And P.S. we are constantly linked to by Mashable, Yahoo, Business Insider, AMEX Open Forum and many more which means even more SEO for you!

Use the commercial for your website and business – over 50% of those that view your website would rather watch a video rather than read a whole page.


Where are the commercials distributed?

  • Biz TV Aired during the show. This is on a “first come first serve basis.”
  • On site video player via Also catch additional shows/commercials via Youtube and Vimeo. Delivered via RSS to subscribers. Delivered via email to subscriber.  iPad, tablet and mobile friendly.
  • Web-enabled TV: Yahoo Connected TV 50 million homes worldwide streamed directly to Samsung, Sony, Vizio, LG and Toshiba TVs Custom Roku, AOL Video and Popcorn Hour Channels.
NEW: Also, as an added bonus (with the $300 option) we include you in featured posts that includes your logo/link as “sponsored by…” (based on first come, first serve basis)

Do you create the videos or do we supply the video for you to use?

100% up to you. You can shoot, edit and create your own then send it to us to upload or we can do it all for you. We do like getting creative here so if you would rather us come up with something for you that’s the easy part!

How long are the commercials?

Again up to you but we ask they stay between 10-30 seconds long (AND this is what we have found to be the best time to keep a viewers attention while getting your point across).

What is the process like if I want you to create the commercial for me?

We will get more information from you about what you really want someone to take away from the commercial, your main points, overview and any input you have for it. We will throw 2-3 ideas together and pitch them to you to see what your thoughts are. Once you agree we get out the cameras and start shooting.

How long does the commercial run?

Here’s the beauty of it…the commercials don’t run once or twice, we use them across the boards as many times as we can to help promote you. Also when they are used for videos across the web they stay there FOREVER. Now where else are you going to find this and for this price?


Can I have the video file to use after you create it?

Absolutely! Once the video is done and ready to be distributed we can send the file over to you to use for your website etc.

This sounds amazing when can I get started and how much is it?

  • If you want us to shoot, edit and distribute the commercial for you….wait for it….it’s only $300.
  • If you want to shoot the video yourself, send it over to us to edit for you and distribute it, it’s only $200 (if you already have a commercial that you would like to air on the show and for us to distribute it’s only $200).

We only require half down if you want us to shoot the video for you and the rest is due when the final video is done and you are tickled pink about it. Many ask us why are we doing this at this price? Our answer is…because small business is our passion and we love working with cool people who have a great thing.

Recent testimonials from some of our awesome partners:

“This was a first for Stompers Boots and we could not be more pleased with the results.  The production value of the commercial well exceed our investment, and while our series of sponsored programs are just starting to air, we fully anticipate additional traffic to our website. This was a great investment for Stompers and something we plan to repeat in the future.”

Ken Hedrick

“We loved the commercial the team at Business Beware made for our travel company. When they say that they are a walking billboard for you, they’re not lying. The went out of their way to make sure that everything reflected our business and we couldn’t be happier.”

– Keith Donavan

“Our company has gone the traditional route with advertising and partnering with Business Beware has been the best investment we could have made. Not only did we get traffic to our site, we also built our social media following. They never stop promoting you no matter where they go and that means the world to a fellow business owner. They know what they’re doing and they are trustworthy business people.”

-Kacey Rhinewalt


Sample Videos:

List of some recent companies who loved this:
Concur Breeze
BiteSize PR
Black Gold Coffee
Taste This Deal
House of Jerky
KKL Services
Target Source Media

What are you waiting for?! Let’s do this!

Ready to get started? Email Ashley so she can get you more information and get you on the list: ashley(at)

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