The Best Advice I’ve Learned Running My Business…

Getting ready to start a business? Whoo hoo for you! Are you ready to jump in but not sure where to start or what you’re getting yourself into? We can honestly say that the best way to learn is to learn from others who have been in your shoes. Often we don’t want to listen

5 Inspiring Quotes About Business & Entrepreneurship

Here’s a few facts and quotes that we found interesting that we wanted to share. Even our founding fathers knew way back when what they were talking about. Maybe we should start listening and go back to the foundation we were built on? Just a thought. What do you think? Like these quotes and stats?

The YEC Launches #StartupLab

I’ve been completely honored to be a part of the YEC organization. From the first time that we interviewed Scott Gerber, I knew he was one of those people that would continue to do great things. Not only have I learned a great deal from Scott but also from my fellow members who are on

24 Tips On Hiring New Employees For Your Small Business

  Hiring people to work for your business is a very important and key element to making a business run smoothly. Sometimes things can be overlooked when you are interviewing someone and if you’re not prepared, they may slip in and be completely wrong for the job putting you right back at square one. The

37 Must Read Books For Small Business Owners

Inspirational Speeches For Entrepreneurs

Inspiring Quotes for Entrepreneurs

Gen Y and The Youth Entrepreneurship Act

How To Get Journalists To Tell Your Story

We have a ton of peoplea ask us how they can get their business in the press and get journalists to write about them. So we decided to throw out some tips to you awesome business owners and upcoming entrepreneurs that have always helped us. Be on Target: This means don’t pitch them something way

Exclusive Access to the Make Your Startup Fly with Virgin America and Samsonite Giveaway

Leaving on a jet plane…..Ready to fly your next business meeting for free and in style? We’ve teamed up with YFS Magazine for the inaugural 2011 Make Your Startup Fly with Virgin America and Samsonite Giveaway One (1) savvy small business owner has the chance to win two (2) round-trip flights to any Virgin America

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