About the Bodi’s

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Here’s a little background on each of us so you can get to know us a little better…

Robert Bodi – host, founder, entrepreneur

Robert has been a business owner and entrepreneur for over 30 years. In addition to being a host on Business Beware Show, Robert runs 3 companies in Florida while also teaching at local FL Park and Recreation classes. Robert loves to educate business owners through what he’s learned over the last years and from his own mistakes or as he says “ask me how I know…”  He is President and founder of Business Beware.  Follow Robert on Twitter: @Bodisms

Ashley Bodi – host, producer, founder

Ashley has a background in marketing and communications while also specializing in social media. In addition to being a host on Business Beware Show, Ashley runs a production company with her sisters that they created to help small business stand out from the crowd. Ashley is also a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council. She is the VP and co-founder of Business Beware and her main site is ashleybodi.com

Leah Bodi – co-host, producer

Leah has a background in event management and marketing. In addition to being a co-host and the production coordinator on the show, Leah runs the production company with Ashley to create unique commercials for small business owners. Leah is the behind the scenes go to person, helping with audio and video during interviews and the show. Her main site is about.me/leahbodi 

Paula Bodi – co-host, business owner

Paula has a background in retail and for over 20 years has been a business owner alongside her husband Robert. She loves to provide advice for new and upcoming business owners from her own ups and downs she’s faced with owning her own business. Paula is all about family and keeps everyone in line on and off the show.

Rachel Bodi – photographer, director of media

Rachel has a background in photography and the medical field. She loves to capture business owners doing what they love through the lens. Rachel created a professional photography business and runs the production company with Ashley and Leah.

Bodi Family Background:

The Bodi’s are from the great state of TN where family, the Lord, friends and food are the most important things in life. We are not your typical slicked back hair business people although we are very professional about our work and passionate about what we do. We know what hard work is thanks to our family and those who instilled these values into us when we were young. We believe in working hard, enjoying what you do and loving every minute of it.

Sometimes people get too caught up in what society tells them to do or how much money they have to make when what you really need to do is to sit back and just enjoy it. And that’s what a big part of our show is about…. everyone needs some relaxation and laughter at the end of the day.

The Bodi Sisters:

These 3 sisters love each other oh so much and it’s pretty obvious on and off the camera. Yes, they fight at times but what family doesn’t have their moments? Each sister brings something to the table and supports the family businesses 100% no matter what. Through watching their parents and grandparents run businesses, they learned what hard work truly is on a daily basis. Besides shooting the show and running businesses together, they have a huge passion for helping others. Whether it’s volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters, traveling to Peru for a mission trip, participating in races for certain foundations, the sisters constantly help anyway they can in their spare time. They are always looking for great organizations to feature on the “giving back” segment for the show. If you know of one contact them at givingback(at)businessbewareshow.com They also have a large bucket list they want to accomplish on top of what they already do and the list is never-ending…