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Check out some of the topics we will be discussing on the show in the next few months. If you want to submit a story or answer to one of the topics below, scroll down on how to do just that. If you have a great idea that’s not listed we’d love to hear it too.

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Behind the scenes of your business aka the “dirty details”
Most customers don’t see what it takes to run a business or know what you go through each day just to make your business succeed. So with this new series we are letting you expose the behind the scenes of your business to help people understand what you go through on an average day. Ready to share while also shamelessly promoting your business?  Email ashley(at)businessbewareshow.com for more info and how to get featured. 

Customer Stories:

  • Have a customer that threw a fit at your store?
  • Customer yelled at your employees in front of everyone there?
  • They caused a scene at your shop or business?
  • Spread rumors about your business when they were the ones truly in the wrong?
  • Customer thinks they are never wrong?
  • Have an amazing customer you want to rave about?
  • Was there a situation where you had a run it with a customer and then after the situation dissolved you became good friends?

Entrepreneur Topics

  • What  is the #1 tip you would give new entrepreneurs just starting out?
  • When did you know that you “made it?”
  • What’s the #1 mobile app you cannot live without as an entrepreneur and that helps you run your business?
  • Send in a picture of your office whether big or small. Entrepreneurs always have the most interesting offices and we want to see them.
  • Made a mistake hiring a certain person you thought was perfect for your team?
  • Your favorite place to get work done outside the office?
  • Didn’t go to college but made a name for yourself and became a successful business owner?
  • Lost your job and then decided to start your own business?

Family Business Topics

  • What’s the one thing that bugs you about working with the family business?
  • Did you always know that you would work with the family?
  • What’s the funniest story that’s happened to you while running a family business?
  • We want to see your family business photos so get everyone together even if you’re angry at them at the moment and take a pic. Cheese!
  • Did you have a fall out while working together that caused you to stop working with the family and go elsewhere?
  • What’s the one thing you’ve learned while working with or for family that you could never learn working with or for others?

We strive to make businesses better and make bad customers into better customers. Every show we want to have questions and thoughts from our viewers about the issues we talk about. Whether you’re starting up a business or trying to make your business better or just need help dealing with customers we want to know about it. If you have a tip that you think will benefit our viewers and listeners send it our way. We will share these stories on the air, on our blog, website and possibly more outlets. We might even have you come on the air and talk to us about it!

How to send in your story:

We would love for you to send us your story to info [at] businessbewareshow[dot]com You can either send us the story in an email, word document, plain text file etc. Make sure and put in the subject line something like “Customer Story.” Due to the volume of emails we get please understand we want to get back with everyone as fast as we can. Believe us, we want to share all of your stories and will do our best to tell everyone about them.


Please don’t send us vulgar things because you know all we are going to do is hit the DELETE button and it’s annoying. It does not matter what field of work you are in we want to know your stories whether they were good or bad. We look forward to hearing about your stories and featuring you on Business Beware.