BB on Tivo

We are all about making things easy and simple here at BB so…you can now watch the show at your convenience on TV via your Tivo box. Snazzy right?

Here’s how to watch or download the show:

  1. Go to “My Tivo” and then scroll down to “Video on Demand.”
  2. Select “Video Podcasts.”
  3. On the right hand side select the “business” category.
  4. You will see “Biz TV” in the list, select it.
  5. Once you select Biz TV you will see a list of shows. Scroll down until you see “Business Beware Show” and select it.

Once you select the show, this is what you should see:

That’s it! Painless right? Make sure and show some love to our friends at Biz TV and check out other great shows on their network.