BB Challenge

BB Challenge: Is the customer always right?

"Business Beware" Challenge

What is the “Business Beware” challenge you ask? Well we have decided to open up the floor for anyone who would like to tell us why they think the customer is not always right. You know how we feel about the saying but we want to know what our viewers think about this old saying. We have scanned the internet for articles, blogs, forums, writers etc that write about the topic “the customers is always right,” and left messages for them to write us back or come be on our show so we can have a discussion on the topic. Nobody has taken us up on it or we have been written back with a short “no thanks.”

So our challenge is for anyone who believes that “the customer is always right” to join in the discussion and tell us exactly why you think this. Hey, try and change our minds. (It’s going to take a lot but we are all ears!)

If you are up for the challenge then contact our producer for available time slots.