How To Fire A CustoMonster

Did we really just say CustoMonster?! We totally went there. If you’re new here, we refer to CustoMonsters as someone that CANNOT be pleased (we can’t give you the full details just yet!). We’ve had an unreal amount of people ask us if it’s okay to fire a customer in business. And of course, the

So Obama Won, What’s Next For Small Businesses?

Well, the election is over. What did you think? Is the outcome what you thought it would be?  We were very interested to learn about what small business owners were thinking across the boards so we turned to Twitter to get the low down. Many business owners sounded off and fired back with their thoughts

Never Underestimate A Simple Life

  Never underestimate a simple life. I grew up in east TN playing outdoors and in the mountains because it’s where I feel like myself. My father owned a small candy store that my friends and I would always hang around so we could snag some free candy (boys being boys!) My father ran that

Can the Family Business Help Your Startup?

Thinking about starting a business? Yay for you! Want to start it with some family members? Are you ready?  I shared my journey with Upstart Business Journal on how I started working in the family business even when I originally said back in high school, “I will never work with family.”  Three things to consider

Should I Use Instagram For My Business?

“A lot of my friends have started using instagram photos to promote their business. What are the pros and cons about using it for business and should I jump on the bandwagon?” – Kelsey Minor Great question Kelsey! Instagram is one of those apps that I would drool over before I even had an iPhone.

IAmAMomandPop: Dear Jacob…

This is one story you don’t want to miss and you might want a few tissues on hand too… Dear Jacob… originally posted on I always had this dream of playing major league baseball and having the crowd cheer for me as get up to bat. That dream was shattered my first week in

What Entrepreneurship Means To Me

Motivate. Inspire. Repeat. Can we just say that we are pumped about our project with! The mission is simple…to motivate and inspire others to go after their dreams from those who have been there or just getting started in their business. Is a “mom and pop” shop one that’s run by family? Many are

5 Inspiring Quotes About Business & Entrepreneurship

Here’s a few facts and quotes that we found interesting that we wanted to share. Even our founding fathers knew way back when what they were talking about. Maybe we should start listening and go back to the foundation we were built on? Just a thought. What do you think? Like these quotes and stats?

The YEC Launches #StartupLab

I’ve been completely honored to be a part of the YEC organization. From the first time that we interviewed Scott Gerber, I knew he was one of those people that would continue to do great things. Not only have I learned a great deal from Scott but also from my fellow members who are on

How One Wedding Cake Artist Is Making Waves In Their Industry: Interview with Linkie Marais

Download/listen to audio only above. Know of a show called Food Network Star? If you just watched this season then you know exactly who Linkie Marais is. She’s the adorable and genuine wedding cake artist from South Africa that was on team Giada. Linkie and I went to college together and when I saw her

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