The Story Behind the Show

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The background: In 2008 Robert and Ashley launched a site for business owners nationwide known as BusinessBeware.Biz. It’s a voice for business owners across the boards to collect from no-pay customers and forewarn each other about problematic customers. Since the launch of Business Beware, businesses have now had someone on their side when the consumers always had the upper hand. Ashley and Robert received numerous stories from businesses about customers they had to deal with on a daily basis which caused them to launch a radio show. The show shared the stories sent in so business owners could get a laugh and know that they are not alone when dealing with crazy customers every day.

The show constantly grew and soon they realized that they had questions overflowing from listeners about running a business and how to be a successful entrepreneur. They decided to expand the show and bring on people they have met along the road that can help shed light on what it takes to run a business while also sharing from their own 30 years of experience. The radio show turned web show is now a TV show that airs on Biz TV’s Network.

In Ashley’s words: We love what we do and our passion comes from getting the chance to help businesses nationwide. We’ve listened to so many business shows that are out there and were honestly bored with most of them and quite frankly, most small businesses don’t listen to that stuff. We wanted to create a show that you can learn something from, connect with and of course get a laugh from. The show constantly changes but it’s so we can bring the best of the best to the table and we listen to YOUR feedback.

We love tying in the family business topics too since so many people have reached out to us about these issues and topics. We’ve interviewed over 200 upcoming entrepreneurs to successful business owners where we ask them what it takes to run their business, what they’ve learned and the behind the scenes details you never see as a consumer. Everyone has something to bring to the table whether they are first starting out or been doing it for a while. Whether we do an on-site interview, Skype or even by phone we make sure that you that will take away at least one thing when you watch the show. Through each persons stories, we like to think of it as a, “help me, help you,” mission to make each business the best it can truly be. When we first started this, we had no idea it would grow like it has but it has been one amazing ride and we promise that we will continue to help you learn, grow and laugh out loud. -Ashley

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The Timeline:

In 2007 Robert and Ashley talked about the idea of BB and not until 2008 did they decide to launch it. After steady growth and amazing feedback they started the radio show in 2010 to use it as the voice for BB and interact with members and customers. It quickly became a hit with businesses and customers that they decided why just do radio? After recreating the show as a web show in late 2010, it was not long after that they launched their show on BizTelevision. Learn more about Business Beware™ here.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to strengthen the relationship between a business and its customers. If communication falls short between the two, our job is to bridge the gap. We strive to inform and teach businesses how to become stronger and more efficient in all areas. We are grateful for the good customers, but since the customer is not always right, we believe that a business has the right to fire their “CustoMonsters.”

What is a CustoMonster™?

A CustoMonster™ is a customer that you cannot please, causes problems, doesn’t abide by a contract, yells at your employees for no typical reason, disrespectful, a liar and/or a bully. There is a HUGE difference between a bad customer and a CustoMonster™. A bad customer is one that might of had a bad day and took it out on you as the owner or  an employee, but a CustoMonster™ has one thing on their mind… getting what they want and making your life miserable while they are at it. Every business owner knows exactly who we are talking about when we say the word….CustoMonster™.


Some of the nice things people are saying behind our backs…

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“This show is something business owners have needed for a long time. It’s nice to see true small business owners being real and telling the side nobody else always knows about.” -Austin Cayhill of San Francisco, CA

A friend of mine told me about this show and that I HAD to check it out. I listened to one episode and I was completely hooked.” -Kathy Roberts of Knoxville, TN

“Ashley and Robert bring something to the table that is rare and this father/daughter duo are the perfect role models for small family business owners.” -Ed Montgomery of Fort Worth, TX