What do you do for your employees as a boss at Christmas time? 

Or should we ask, do you do anything for them? Kidding! We asked some small business owners what they do and here's what they said:

"I buy my employees Amazon and grocery store gift cards because hey, anything helps during holiday time!" 

"We give our employees paid time off between Christmas and New Years. We've learned that sometimes a nice long break helps recharge the batteries and employees absolutely love this."

"I give a holiday bonus ahead of the holidays in case they might need it to help with their holiday spending."

"We give Honey Baked Hams to each employee and it's to the point that they now use our hams for their holiday feasts, we love it!"

In the show we also talk about happenings in the news from DMCA copyright notices, the TX plumber and crazy customers at Denny's

And the holiday hams? Well, you just have to listen to find out…

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