Oh hey, as a small business you have to worry about regualtions and stuff too…

As if it's not enough to worry about on a day to day basis with owning a business you also have to be aware of regulations and laws that you have to follow as well. In this episode we discuss some of the main ones and how you can be prepared whether you're a new business or a seasoned one. 

We touch on small business values that ties into our upcoming discussion of "Running your business as if you were going to sell it." We pose this question to you – What values do you focus on with your business?

Have you seen the new Go Daddy commercial as Ashley referred to on the show (bless her heart) as "air humping" (and yes it is described as that on twitter like she stated). 

Who has had that moment when starting your business that you say to yourself, "Finally a new customer that is not my family or friends?!" That's what we took away from it, not the air humping. 

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