In this episode we talk about how to start a new business. Whether someone is fresh out of college, just quit their day job or even got fired from their current job can have fears about starting a new business. It's not easy by any means BUT it can be one of the most rewarding things you can do too.

We break down some important details about what to consider before jumping in and starting a new business from scratch. Here are the topics and highlights in the show:

  • Where do you begin to start a new business?
  • How much money do you need to start your new company?
  • Register your name with your state (coming up with a solid name).
  • Opening a checking account

We have been there time and time again but we also know that as business owner that the best thing you can do is to listen to those who have been there before you. Their knowledge can help you tremendously, listen to them.

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