“A lot of my friends have started using instagram photos to promote their business. What are the pros and cons about using it for business and should I jump on the bandwagon?” – Kelsey Minor

Great question Kelsey! Instagram is one of those apps that I would drool over before I even had an iPhone. I knew that was the first app I was going to get when I finally turned in the blackberry and got the iPhone. It really started out as a place just to share photos but it’s quickly become a great place for businesses to interact with customers and show off their “personal side.”

I’ve been using instagram for a while now but I started using it for personal but quickly realized how great it was to show off pictures around the office and during the show. They make it so simple to share the photos via social networks where you don’t have to go to the trouble to upload photos elsewhere.

One business that is killing it is the Stand Up Guys in Atlanta. They share photos of their projects, day to day routines and even some humorous ones of their crew that make you laugh out loud.

The most important thing to remember about using instagram or any social media tool for your business is to have fun with it but be smart. Don’t post just random things around your office, each meal you devour, quotes galore or photos of your face 24/7. The cool thing about photos is that they are one of the top shared things around the web and sometimes a photo can speak a thousand words. Just make sure it’s the right words for your company and so you know, instagram is FREE.

So should you use it for your business? YES.