Motivate. Inspire. Repeat.

Can we just say that we are pumped about our project with! The mission is simple…to motivate and inspire others to go after their dreams from those who have been there or just getting started in their business. Is a “mom and pop” shop one that’s run by family? Many are but we are bringing back the forgotten word that use to be the foundation of business. Sometimes people think of “mom and pop” as a tiny business but it’s actually just a small business that makes less than $5 million a year (and actually most small businesses fall into this exact category). Learn more and read past stories right here. 

Here’s a few recent submissions from entrepreneurs who have something to say:

E: ncouraging your team each and every day.

N: ever giving up.

T: aking time to teach others through what you’ve learned.

R: emembering why you took the leap to start your own business.

E: mbracing the ups and downs that you face.

P: laying the best card in your deck.

R: unning the race at your own pace.

E: nduring long hours to make it all work.

N: ot letting the big guys walk all over you.

E: ach time you fail, you learn from it rather than taking it to heart.

U: nderstanding that you will have to make some sacrifices in your social life.

R: eturning the same generosity to others that was given to you in the very beginning.

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

I Am A Mom and Pop.

– Trent Minor


Cancer Sucks

I was the big guy in the corporate world, I wanted money, tangible things and the luxury of being over everyone. I was the guy who crushed the small business people through our large corporate company and didn’t think twice about it. I did this for about 10 years and then something changed.

I had cancer.

It shook my whole world and I thought to myself, “why me?”

I was not able to work as much as I did and had to go through the agonizing process of chemotherapy. I dreaded every minute that I was in the hospital until one day I met a man named Bruce. He was 82 and I always saw him pass by in the hallway for a few weeks and for some strange reason he walked up to me and introduced himself to me. I admit that I was rude at first but he didn’t let it phase him. Bruce asked why I was in the hospital and as I told him he just sat and listened to me. Sometimes it’s strange how you will just pour out your heart to someone you don’t know at all. He listened to me for an hour and then said to me, “I’ll be here tomorrow and we can talk more.” So each day for 3 weeks Bruce and I chatted about life, what he’s seen and how he was a small business owner for over 40 years. He shared his struggles and what an entrepreneur goes through just to make a living. I was floored and here I was one of the guys who would cause many to go out of business as almost as if it was a game to me.

One Friday I was at the hospital and was on lookout for Bruce but never saw him. A few days went by and I still never saw him so I finally asked the nurses at the desk if they knew where he might be. They said to me, “Oh Bruce’s brother passed away a week ago and he passed away a day later, you didn’t know?” Something inside me snapped and I realized I was tired of being who I was, where my life was going and I wanted to be more like Bruce. I didn’t know him that long but it was long enough to know that I met him for a reason and that reason to was to change my life.

I emailed my resignation to my office and haven’t looked back since. I contacted Bruce’s son that had taken over his tackle business in NC and told him who I was. He immediately knew who I was and said that his dad told him about me one day over the phone and also said, “If Dave ever contacts you, I want you to take care of him or help anyway that you can.” I packed everything I had and moved to NC to work with Bruce’s son. I don’t know why I ever focused on things in life that don’t really matter. When you hear that “it’s the simple things that mean the most,” it’s such a true phrase. None of those made me truly happy even though I thought it all did at some point. My advice to you reading this is: don’t spend your life trying to have the best car, house or vacation home. When you have down time, be still and listen. Surround yourself with people who make you better and not the opposite. And to all business owners out there that are doing the right thing and paving the way, you’re the reason that this country even still functions. If all the entrepreneurs stopped dreaming, we would be nothing.

I Am A Mom and Pop.

– Dave


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