Had thoughts about taking the leap and starting your own business?

If you haven’t, you should.

Not everyone always knows what type of business they want to start and that is 100% okay. Sometimes people want a change of pace and don’t want to have anything to do with what they’ve been doing. Again, that is okay to feel that way.

We’ve scanned and spoken with everyone we can to get you the insider details on what the best business ideas to start right now. You need to figure out if you’re wanting to start a franchise, home-based business or a brand new startup idea.

Business ideas:

  • Catering business
  • Day care
  • Mail order business
  • Baby sitting service
  • Website building service
  • Lawn care business
  • Home health care
  • Mobile bookshop
  • Photography business
  • Auto detailing
  • Pet sitting day care
  • Event planning
  • Freelance writing
  • Junk hauling business
  • Printing business

Not sure if you’re ready to start your own business? We will be honest, it’s not for everyone BUT if you are willing to put in the time then ahead of the game. This is exactly why we interview people who have been there, done that with their business. They share how they overcame the obstacles they did and what to expect as a new business owner.

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