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One of our new missions with Business Beware is our recently launched Small businesses have become a forgotten race among the business world and many large small business networks claim that a small business is one that makes $5 million a year or more. We can be the first to tell you that those facts are incorrect. Most small businesses make $1 million a year or less and have 1-11 employees. That actually accounts for over more than 70% of small businesses in the US. With our mission, we are sharing stories of small business owners who have been in business for years to the ones who just started out despite the economic tsunami we’re in at the moment. People love to focus on the big brands and big name millionaires when it’s the small businesses that are the ones who are STILL the backbone of America. Everyone has a story to tell and inspiration can come from anywhere. Have a story you want to share? Send them to iamamomandpop(at)

Say hello to Pawfect Day:

When I wasn’t out there saving animals in Washington Heights, I was a student at Professional Performing Arts Highschool. I interned at Bloomingdale’s, took a class at Cooper Union and Columbia University. I received my B.A., at the University at Buffalo and studied abroad at the University at Havana. Upon graduation, I became a Media Negotiator, translated leases at Columbia University, wrote copy for MasterCard and translated a book. Today I own a pet care service; Pawfect Day, Inc. I realized that although my jobs were very diverse, my passion for animals remained unchanged.

At the moment this is a one woman show. We are still growing and maturing. I believe entrepreneurship is open to hard-working individuals who are willing to put in the time, money and sweat before seeing substantial results. When you have your own business, you work more hours than you may ever have worked in an office because you never check out. You must be willing to sacrifice your social life for the first few years and have the finances to back you up. Self discipline. You should have the ability to work in an unstable environment and have the flexibility to change in order to consistently improve.

I believe every pet deserves a chance to live a happy life outside a cage. It is with this dream that Pawfect Day materialized. Pawfect Day was conceived with the belief that every pet owner can make a difference. A portion of every dog walk, cat sit and sleepover go towards helping homeless pets have the opportunity to live with a family. I hope to be a large factor in making this happen.

I Am A Mom and Pop.

Jacqueline Rivera

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