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Know of a show called Food Network Star? If you just watched this season then you know exactly who Linkie Marais is. She’s the adorable and genuine wedding cake artist from South Africa that was on team Giada. Linkie and I went to college together and when I saw her on the show I couldn’t help but think, “I have to talk to her and catch up!” I knew back in college that Linkie was going places not only because of her talent but also because of her sheer determination to do what she loves. She has many things in the works but one of her goals is to really teach people how to make wedding cakes at home. Many cake shows don’t show you how to make the cakes so she is determined to bring that into the homes for anyone who wants to learn and share her knowledge through her own hard work. Linkie is one of those people who not only teaches you something, she inspires you.

A few highlights from the interview:

  • How she got to where she is now and before she was on Food Network Star.
  • Her advice for those breaking into the food industry.
  • What she learned through the competition.
  • Advice from one wedding cake artist to another.

Learn more about Linkie: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest 


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Photo credits: Chris Jenkins, Food Network