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Ashley got the chance to chat with Mauria Finley who started From the first look at the Citrus Lane website, you immediately want to dive in and purchase their care packages even if you’re not a mom! Mauria has worked for large companies such as eBay and it was very cool to see how or if working in that industry prepared her for running her own business. She’s such a down to earth person and truly has a passion for what she does through Citrus Lane. She’s inspired by the feedback she receives from moms across the country and continues to search for the best products on the market. Basically it’s like Christmas every month when you get a new care box in the mail from them.

Here’s a few highlights from the interview:

  • How her idea for Citrus Lane started with sending an email to her friends.
  • Why community is so important with a business and why you should listen to feedback.
  • Why she decided to take the leap and leave her job at eBay.
  • How to make your business and products stand out from your competition.
  • What her challenges where starting a business from scratch.

Learn more about Mauria and Citrus Lane: Website, Facebook, Twitter


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