As business owners, we are constantly looking for ways to simplify our work load for the day or week. With smart phones being such a huge part of our businesses now, there are also way too many business apps to choose from. How do you know what the best app is and why your business might benefit from it?

We asked fellow entrepreneurs to share their favorite go-to apps that they use on a daily basis and how a business can benefit from it. Some of our favorites include Dropbox , Evernote and Genius Scan . See what others had to say and make sure to share your favorite in the comments below.

1. Simple In/Out: An Easy To Use Digital In/out Board

Simple In/Out, now at 3.0, is a digital in/out board for offices large and small. What sets our app apart is GeoFencing. With GeoFencing, you set your Android (or iPhone) handset up to automatically check you in or out of your office as you phone enters or leaves. No more forgetting to check in or out, it just happens automatically.

Keeping track of your employees is one of the biggest challenges businesses have, especially those always on the go.

Thanks to Brandon Medenwald of  Simply Made Apps

2. Matchbook Is An App For Saving Places

Remember that great restaurant from your last trip to Chicago? Or that place someone said was perfect for clients? That’s what Matchbook is for. It’s an app for saving those must-remember places. No check-ins, no clutter, just a go-to list of places you can recall when you need it most. Looking for a recommendation? Matchbook not only searches through your list of saved places, but also shows you the best places from everyone else.

Thanks to Gemma Pollard of  Matchbook

3. Google Voice Picks Up Pennies

When I have a day full of meetings it can be hard to find time to listen to my voicemail. With the Google Voice App my voicemails are transcribed and I can quickly scan through them to see if any are urgent. In a given day it can save me up to a half hour of time.

Thanks to Ross Johnson of  3.7 DESIGNS

4. Remote Desktopping On The Go

I spend a lot of time traveling and this translates to a good portion of my work week away from the office, I downloaded Splashtop Streamer on my PC (for free) and then I purchased the Splashtop Remote Desktop application for my iPad. Now, work is something I do, not somewhere I go, because Splashtop gives me that remote access to the documents and information I need. It’s not an expensive app, and anyone with a tablet can benefit from instantaneous access. It’s intuitive with no glitches!

Thanks to Dana Marlowe of  Accessibility Partners

5. Seal The Deal With EchoSign

EchoSign is an electronic signature service that allows customers from small businesses to global enterprises to speed up sales, track contracts and securely store and manage signed agreements. EchoSign is now integrated with most of the big name Web leaders like Salesforce, NetSuite and Google Apps, so customers can send, sign and manage contracts in the cloud.

EchoSign makes signing contracts simple and secure whether the customer is in the office or working from a mobile device.

Thanks to Jorie Westley On Behalf of  Adobe EchoSign

6. Drop It Into Dropbox!

Dropbox is one of my favorite apps for business because it allows for simple and secured sharing of files for all those involved in working on a project. We have our clients use Dropbox because it’s a free service that allows a streamlined way to quickly share ideas and keep them in a single spot. We can create folders with specific names so a client just has to drop stuff in the appropriate folder… super simple. With the mobile/tablet app, I’m able to access those files anywhere.

Thanks to Ashley Ranger of  /excelamktg

7. I Speak Calendar Events To My IPhone Hands Free

Adding appointments to my iPhone calendar with just my voice – it’s terrific. No more trying to type while driving, or walking into people because I’m trying to type an appointment. VoiceCal lets me speak single or multiple calendar appointments hands free, and they appear instantly on my iCal (and the other calendars I sync with iCal.) This has been a lifesaver while driving, running through airports, etc. And it’s so fast, I don’t get distracted from other things. Just speak and and its done.

Thanks to Sean Mahoney of  South of Rose Productions

8. Managing Our Site On The Go

Falck Production’s #1 app for checking up on our website is the new Google Analytics app for Android phones. It has all of the functionality of Google Analytics, but in a portable form – our products keep our customers safe, and Google Analytics keeps our web team feeling safe. It also gives our marketing specialist the ability to check more advanced scenarios on the fly, such as A/B testing and conversion tracking.

Thanks to Flynn Zaiger of  Falck Alford Productions

9. Remember The What?

Remember the Milk is one of my favorite apps to manage tasks and stay organized. You can categorize your tasks (work, personal, etc.) and set reminders. Since the app is cloud-based, you can use it on mobile, tablet and computer. You can even create lists and tag items–perfect for organizational nuts like myself– and it also syncs with other programs, such as Outlook.

Thanks to Amanda Goodhue of  Style Mined

10. Send A Real Postcard To Anyone In The World From Your Phone!

For the business traveler or the executive on the go, Postcard on the Run is a must have! Postcard on the Run is a mobile app that lets you take a picture and send it in the mail as a real postcard to anyone, anywhere in the world. It’s available on iOS, Android, Windows and Nokia. With Postcard on the Run, you can stay connected with friends and family in a real and tangible way even when you’re away on business. Just Snap, Tap and Send and a real postcard is mailed right from your phone.

Thanks to Ross Barasch of  Postcard on the Run

11. Organize Your Operations With Things

The business app that I use most is called Things and is available for the iPad, iPhone as well as the Mac. Things is a to do app that helps you organize your to do tasks by projects. I run RunGoddess Sports Endurance Tattoos from it as I can set up unique projects for our business and then create specific tasks for each project. Things can then group then into a schedule order and provide alert badges on my iPad to alert me to the due date of specific tasks.

Thanks to Dave Hurme of  On-Line Distribution Inc. / RunGoddess Sports Endurance Tattoos

12. Personalized Recommendations From Jybe

Check out Jybe for finding personalized recommendations. You can make decisions effortlessly and take immediate action when it comes to finding the best restaurant, dish, book or movie to match your personal taste. Jybe cuts out internet noise and combines your interests with what’s hot in your social circles and around the web to help you quickly find the best things to eat, watch and read. Then as you like or dislike items, your recommendations will be become more refined and personalize.

Thanks to Melissa Roxas of  Jybe

13. Wunderlist Is WONDERFUL!

I absolutely love using Wunderlist. It’s a great organizer and you can share your to do list with your co-workers. It automatically syncs when I update it on my computer or my phone, and it’s very user-friendly. I could not get through a day without Wunderlist!

Thanks to Kelsey Meyer of  Digital Talent Agents

14. Keynote App Means Business

Keynote is not only great to make presentations and changes to presentations on the go without having to carry around a laptop, but from your iPad you can design your own templates, add multimedia and graphics. It’s powerful, easy-to-use and easy to share.

Thanks to John Golden of  Huthwaite

15. Free PDF Webapps

FoxyUtils is the creator of the following free webapps:

– Merge PDF enables users to quickly combine multiple PDF files together.

– Split PDF enables users to extract a range of pages from a PDF file.

– Unlock PDF enables users to remove a password from a PDF file in a few clicks.

– Protect PDF enables users to quickly add a password protection to PDF files.

None of our web based apps require any downloading or installation of any software ! Quick and user friendly.

Thanks to Gus Hall of  FoxyUtils

16. Keep Your Sanity- Manage *all* Social Networks In One Go

If your business is not on all of the major social media networks, you will miss out. But managing & engaging on all of them is too cumbersome and time consuming. What you can you do?

Enter my favourite business app- Hootsuite. It saves me time and my sanity by helping me manage all of my social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, FourSquare, etc) all in one location on my smartphone. Also, HootSuite can notify me audibly on my smart-phone whenever someone make contact. Convenient!

Thanks to Terence Kam of  eStrategyPro

17. Use SlideShark To View, Present, Share And Track PowerPoint Presentations On The IPad

SlideShark is a go-to iPad app because it lets business users do what had previously been impossible: view and show PowerPoint presentations properly on their iPads with fonts, animations, graphics and colors intact – while also providing a platform to distribute, track and manage PowerPoint content in the cloud. Free and easy-to-use, SlideShark is a vital productivity tool for on-the-go sales reps, educators, consultants, road warriors and more, with users in more than 120 countries.

Thanks to Andy Zimmerman of  Brainshark, Inc.

18. Access All Your Data Anytime, Anywhere With SugarSync

For business on the go, SugarSync is my go-to app. From my smartphone, laptop, iPad or other Internet-connected device, I can access my documents that are securely stored in the cloud. Files are automatically synced across my devices, and I’m never left without that important document I need. Collaborating with colleagues is easy with SugarSync, too. I can share a file with my team members, and any changes are synced across all computers.

Thanks to Eric Nagel of

19. Outright Keeps Me Up To Date On Finances

I use Outright’s web app to manage my finances in the office — but I’m often on the road or in meetings. The iPhone app keeps me to date, letting me know when deposits show up in my company’s bank account as well as other financial information on the fly.

Thanks to Thursday Bram of  Enhanced Freelance

20. Innovative Small Business Bookkeeping Service

Not to toot our own horn but we think our service is pretty nifty. At , we provide coded, postage-paid envelopes for receipts and reconciliation with e-statements for monthly bookkeeping. Copies of receipts are scanned, securely stored, put through optical character recognition, human verified and processed into monthly books. The service saves ~40% off a CPA bookkeeping service and is at least, if not more, accurate.

Thanks to Aaron Eisendrath of


What’s your favorite business app?