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One of our new missions with Business Beware is our recently launched Small businesses have become a forgotten race among the business world and many large small business networks claim that a small business is one that makes $5 million a year or more. We can be the first to tell you that those facts are incorrect. Most small businesses make $1 million a year or less and have 1-11 employees. That actually accounts for over more than 70% of small businesses in the US. With our mission, we are sharing stories of small business owners who have been in business for years to the ones who just started out despite the economic tsunami we’re in at the moment. People love to focus on the big brands and big name millionaires when it’s the small businesses that are the ones who are STILL the backbone of America. Everyone has a story to tell and inspiration can come from anywhere. Have a story you want to share? Send them to iamamomandpop(at)

Say Hello to: J-Dock Seafood Co.


J-Dock Seafood Co. is a small, family-owned, sport-caught fish processor and seafood retailer, located at the top of “J” dock, in Seward, AK. Seward is approximately a 2 hour drive south on Old Seward Highway that winds through mountains blanketed thick with evergreen, thrusting straight up into the sky, and alongside placid lakes, full of rainbow trout, dolly varden, and more. At the end of this breathtaking drive lies Seward, which at one time was the most important port in Alaska because the harbor never freezes over.

Today Seward is home to some of the greatest, most abundant fishing in the world, as a result of carefully managed fisheries, and the quality of Alaska’s wild seafood is considered of the highest quality and is strongly demanded by connoisseurs and gourmet seafood restaurants. J-Dock Sportfishing (our sister company) provides first class charter fishing trips with acute attention to detail, and customized experiences ranging from the seasoned fisherman looking for his next trophy catch to the touring family of four.

In addition to processing a customer’s catch, J-Dock Seafood can store their catch in our gigantic freezer until the customer is ready to either pick up their fish or have it shipped directly to their doorstep via Fedex Priority Overnight shipping. If a customer did not catch as much halibut, salmon, ling cod, or yelloweye as they hoped, we offer all the above and and more in our seafood market and our online storefront at

What is especially unique about J-Dock Seafood Co., aside from exquisite seafood in a jaw-dropping setting, is the people that work here. Almost every employee travels from someplace else to work here in the summer, including the lower 48, Europe, Asia, and Canada. During the height of the season (July-August) we become family. We work together, live together, eat together, and celebrate successes together. These people weave their paths into  J-Dock’s for varying lengths of time, permanently leaving their scent, which gets blended up into a bittersweet bouquet oft referred to as a business.

This is my third summer at J-Dock. I started out working as seafood processor, was promoted to head of shipping and customer relations, and now am an assistant GM, as well as retail and shipping manager. I keep coming back to J-Dock for the excitement and the flurry. There is always a project at hand, fish to process, a customer with a special request, shipments to be prepared; the work is nonstop. Sometimes I think I’m crazy for returning each year. Mostly I just enjoy the ride!

We are A Mom And Pop

– Alexis Campestre

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