Justin Beegel is a fellow friend and entrepreneur over at the YEC. He’s the founder and creator of Infographic World. It’s no secret that infographics are everywhere you turn these days on Pinterest, Facebook etc. These graphics are visually stunning where it catches peoples attention immediately and then shares a message.

You see a lot of large brands and companies using them but as a small business what can you benefit from them? We asked Justin to break down what an infographic is for those who don’t know and also just how a small business can use this upcoming trend to benefit their brand. Also, a few years ago Justin brought his dad into the company and now they work side by side. As you know, family business is a passion of ours so we took the opportunity to ask Justin about what it’s like working with family in business.

Here’s a few highlights from this interview:

  • How to get your message across in a single infographic
  • Why you should let a professional create the graphic rather than doing it yourself
  • The most important thing to include in your infographics
  • Why a small business needs to jump on this hot trend
  • Why working with family can be a great thing in business

Learn more about Justin and Infographic World: Website, Twitter, Facebook


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