This question is from Trent McDonald:

“What’s the best way to get a website up and running for my business?”

Oh this question seems to come up a lot especially with startups. As a business, you’re trying to watch every penny you can but one thing you should spend a little on is definitely your website. Today, it’s too crucial to have a very clear and stellar website for your customers. Many are actually turned off by the lack of a website and immediately leave if it is not appealing to them. You technically have about 5 seconds to grab their attention and you don’t want to lose them just because your website isn’t very pretty.

I say this because I have been there, done that with Business Beware. When I first started, I created the website from scratch and I honestly am so glad I don’t even have a picture of what it looked like. It was awful even though I was pumped that I built it at the time. I wanted to save money and build it because I thought, “How hard can it be right?” I soon learned that there is a reason why people specialize in what they do and you should learn to let them do what they’re good at. I brought on someone to redesign the layout and it was such a load off of me to know that it was being taken care of so I could work on the things that only I could do for the business. I spent so many nights working on this website where I could have been working on so many other things! My advice to you is to hire someone else to do it and communicate with them on exactly what you want.

Don’t waste your time and don’t let your business suffer from trying to do it all yourself. Trust me. If you are looking for a stunning web developer then I highly recommend MadebyGuerilla. Mike is awesome to work with and really takes the time to create what you want. -Ashley

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