This question comes from Mollie Beckman:

“What’s your secret to working and living with your husband 24/7?”



Respectful communication!  I try to respect his opinions and not react negatively to him if I disagree with him.  I listen and give it a little time before I give my opinion if it is different from his.  Men do not like to have their ideas put down.  Ease into a discussion about an alternative idea that you think might work better.  Sometimes he has the better ideas and knows what would be best for the business, and you have to accept that also.

A key to living together and working together is to have your own responsibilities.  There are big decisions to be made together, but if you separate your job responsibilities, you have to trust and let the other spouse do their job without questioning them on everything.  Also, do not share the same office.  Have your own space!


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