We love picking entrepreneurs brains especially when it involves family business topics too. Ari Meisel is one inspirational guy and has set out to help people across the boards through his business and his own personal struggles. Check out tips and advice Ari shares about his business and tips for future entrepreneurs in the making. Also, check out his TEDx talk on how he beat Crohn’s Disease.


Do you have family members that owned a business and inspired you to become an entrepreneur or are you the first in your family to take that leap?

A: My father has been an art dealer and real estate developer for 40 years and my mother a real estate broker. They are both self made and inspired me to start my first company when I was 12.

Have you ever worked with your family before at some point? If you do what are the challenges you face?

A: I run all of our real estate developments? Arguing with family about business it always a challenge.

When you went to college did you know that you wanted to be an entrepreneur or were you pursuing a “real job” at the time?

A: I had started three companies already, got pretty bored in college, graduated a year early and started another business.

If I could run my business from anywhere it would be…

A: The Caribbean.

If I had unlimited funds for my business I would…

A: Build Crossfit Gyms.

If I was standing in a room full of upcoming entrepreneurs I would tell them…

A: Write down EVERY idea you ever have.

For those dropping out of the corporate world to pursue their passion, the most important thing you need to know is…

A: Make sure your passion has other passionate followers as well (ie a market).

One thing people don’t know about me is…

A: I have Crohn’s Disease.

My biggest fear is…

A: That my son (11 weeks old) will be allergic to peanuts.

My hope for the future of small businesses and entrepreneurs in the making is…

A:  Roof farms.


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