We love family businesses which shouldn’t surprise you BUT this is one you need to get to know asap. Ooh La La Candy is run by a mother/daughter team in NYC where they bring style and taste together in their business. We’re always talking about finding your niche and owning it, these two are doing exactly that. Check out our interview with Rebecca below:

Tell us about Ooh La La Candy and why you decided to join the family business.

R: My mom has been my greatest teacher and inspiration for becoming an entrepreneur.  She not only taught me how to be an entrepreneur (being one herself), but her and I are also business partners.  My mom was a freelance copywriter for years, and one day (in 2001), woke up with the idea to combine greeting cards with candy~ so within the message will be an actual piece of candy that completes the message (I could send you some images of samples- super creative).  Of course my mom had no idea what she was doing, but it was the year Dylan’s Candy Bar opened, and she just walked right in there, they bought the cards… and the story goes on.  She truly had no idea what she was doing (with pricing specifically)!


Long story short, I actually never had any idea what I wanted to be or do when I was older (and oddly enough, no one ever asked me!!), I was even put on academic probation my junior year of college for not having a major- blows my mind, my dean or something never seemed to mention that!  I truly had no idea what I wanted to be though.  I tried every 101 in the social sciences and health services, and ended up becoming a psychology major, which psychology has been my life long passion (I joke that I grew up studying people, since school and I didn’t really get along so well)- part of why I think no one ever really asked me what I wanted to be or do when I was older (my brother (2 years older- also officially an entrepreneur himself now) was also super smart – the geeky computer type and I was the “people person”, which in retrospect I am sort of glad no one did or if someone did it would have been about entrepreneurship since truth is- I NEVER would have known the answer… because I didn’t know “this” existed!  So, I am beyond grateful for my mom and her opening the old of entrepreneurship up to me…. A place where I can take all the crazy ideas I have up in my head and create something that people actually want! I thought I maybe wanted to work in the non-profit sector, but after working for a non-profit that I really loved, I realized I would rather make my money doing something else and give back that way… so I got a random entry level job at a high-end hair care company doing customer service, a great, humbling experience, but also taught me so much!!  I just watched what the company did, or DID NOT do and it hit me that my mom had never had marketing, or anything of the sort… so after trying to get a new job for a while, I was laid off and that’s how I became an entrepreneur.  I just started plugging away from home, making press kits, e-mailing buyers, sending out packages and the rest is history (or history in the making).


Everyday’s a learning experience and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity and enjoying the journey.  (I must note though, it is beyond some sick psychological-sociological experiment in my office- because, it is not just my mom and I, but my dad (who has company shares), who runs our financial and department and handles most logistics (he is actually a day trader- so it’s his second job).  To say it gets crazy would not give it justice, but at the same time, it’s family and we are all in it together and experiencing this together.


If you could run your business from anywhere, where would it be?

R: If I could run my business from anywhere, I would probably keep my office in NYC, but have the ability to go any and everywhere- if I could travel the world while working and learning and ideally blending all of it into one would be my ultimate dream.


If you had unlimited funds for your business…

R: I would immediately hire a bunch of talented, high and mid level employees, I would invest in creating a machine to automate my patented, bestseller product line~ our Candy Cupcakes, and I would put some money into going viral- in a big way- investing in social media campaigns that would allow me to interact with the consumer on a much grandeur scale.  The most crucial aspect to it all is having the support behind me in everything that I pursue.  For example, being the sales person and the product developer (and the business owner), there are endless aspects that I need to have in order, so that I can execute a sale from start to finish- meaning production- the animal of it all, the requires a lot attention and time, and takes me away from all the stuff I love doing, want to do and am best at!


If you were standing in a room full of entrepreneurs, what would you tell them?

R: I would tell them nothing truly amazing comes easily. Nothing really worth having is easily attained. Building a business takes a lot of hard work, dedication, determination, humility, a tough attitude and an even stronger will. If it were easy, everyone would do it, so let’s be honest, it’s not. Running your own business and being passionate about what you do, changes your life in every single way… work is no longer a job, it is your life and it is a major part of you and who you are. The reward of creating something successful is beyond any feeling you could ever imagine in your life, it is what I would call, “living the dream”~ You built something that people want and appreciate- you made a vision you in your head that you believed in come to life and people actually want to pay money for it, they value it, there is no greater feeling, its what makes it all worth it!!


For those dropping out of the corporate world, the most important thing you need to know is…

R: Don’t expect to become an overnight sensation. Pursuing your passion can take a lot of trial and error and a lot of failure-, which many would argue, is so crucial and important on the road to success.


One thing people don’t know about me is…

R: As extroverted as I may be, I am also quite shy in a lot of other ways.


My biggest fear is…

R: Not staying true to who I am and what I believe in.  When you run your own business, it becomes this huge, new part of yourself that you must integrate with your personal self.


My hope for the future of small businesses and entrepreneurs in the making…

R: Are the resources, knowledge and support to be there for each and every single one of them.  Ranging from early education about entrepreneurship to financial and legal policies towards small businesses, money loans and so on.
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Learn more about Rebecca and her company Ooh La La candy: Website, Facebook, Twitter