We recently came across this app and we found it pretty interesting so we wanted to make sure and share it with all of you. HireVue lets you interview potential employees from anywhere and on the go. It really makes sense honestly since everyone now is on the go and setting up a time to actually sit down in one spot is not as easy as it use to be. Here’s a quick rundown from their site:

HireVue delivers an amazing mobile interview experience that allows candidates to learn more about a company and respond to on demand interviews anytime, anywhere – from their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. There’s no scheduling, no traveling, and no learning curve. Just swipe, touch and tap to instantly capture and record responses to interview questions – including video, multiple choice and essay questions. Candidates can respond at their own convenience and even watch pre-recorded employment videos to learn more about the company and position, helping employers stand out in a competitive market. Recruiters and hiring managers then simply play, rate and share the candidate responses on their own time from their computer or favorite mobile device.

Hiring top talent requires being at the right place at the right time – before the competition. Now savvy companies can quickly catch top candidates on the go while their competitors are busy playing phone tag, comparing schedules and flying the wrong candidates around the world. HireVue’s mobile apps deliver an awesome, consistent, digital interview experience while helping recruiters keep up as recruiting and job applications skyrocket.

We can hear some small businesses say, “Oh, that’s just a waste of time…” but honestly it’s the way things shifting towards. People are creating these apps so we can get more done and work more effieciently. Will it work for your business? No clue, but every business is different. But you should always look into something that might help you grow, learn, organize and get more accomplished in running a business every day. Embrace the new and change, it might be the best thing you could ever do not only for your business but also for yourself. We think it looks quite snazzy.

Would you use this app for your business?


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