You know how there’s certain people that just can literally make you smile by their enthusiasm and genuineness? Kathy Tolleson of ROAR Motorcycles is that person. We came across her interview on and immediately her story pulled us in. She is a grandma that had a love for motorcycles and took the leap to create her business with ROAR Motorcycles. Their industry is largely dominated by males but Kathy wanted to cater to the women riders and create custom bikes for them.

In an interview with CNN, Kathy says that they don’t do a ton of advertising simply because the bikes are their word of mouth around town. This just shows you that if you think outside the box and find a niche that others will take notice. The other thing we love about Kathy (just a few of many reasons) is that in our interview she says that “businesses need to support each other, because each business has helped create a path for each other.” These are wise words and we whole heartedly agree with this. Too many times businesses are in competition with each other rather than helping each other along the way. Enjoy the interview, also check out the interview with Kathy on HLN below.

Learn more about Kathy and ROAR Motorcycles: Website, Twitter, Facebook

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