Seems everyone is talking about Pinterest these days and there’s definitely a good reason for it. It has become one of the biggest traffic driving sites on the Internet right now and if you’re smart, you have your business on there. I know, you’re thinking “oh great, one more social media outlet to add to my daily routine…” Well, honestly this is a good one and it gives you a chance to really show off your brand and if you do it right, you might just have viral pin effect (that sounds odd but just go with it).

Whether you create original content to pin, share your articles, videos etc. there are a few ways to help you get it re-pinned by others. How? Turns out certain words trigger others to find you among all the pins across the boards. We found this little infographic from the people at HubSpot and thought we would share it with you too.

Just a sidenote – we tried incorporating some of these words into our pins and we can say that we definitely saw a difference on how many repins we had compared to not using these keywords. So give it a try and see what you think. If you have some Pinterest tips to share, feel free to share them below and hit us up on there too. 

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