3 New Apps To Help You Stay Organized In Business

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and not working too hard. I wanted to share a few new apps and websites we came across this week that we think will benefit your business and/or productivity for your business.

Task Management app:

Taskk tells you what to do next. Drag, drop, collaborate and share your way to the most accurate view of your workload yet.

Online Accountant: 

Entryless captures the data in each of your vendor invoices or bills and automatically syncs your accounting books.

Mobile Expense Reporting:

Concur’s mobile travel and expense app allows travelers to manage their entire business trip. From booking travel, to managing itineraries, to capturing receipts and submitting expense reports – employees can do it all at their fingertips.



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  2. Alexi /

    Thanks for asking, my weekend was busy, but I got a lot accomplished. Hope yours was equally as good. I am intrigued with the new app you have on blog, Concur. I have been using Expensify, but this new app appears to be much more comprehensive, and cover multiple apps in one. I travel frequently on business for my job at Dish, so using the most qualified apps for the job is essential to the success of my trip. This will certainly be helpful going forward, and I am most grateful. Given the help you have offered, I would like to add my two favorites to the discussion. Trip Advisor gives me my own personal travel assistant, which is excellent for my budget, and Dish Remote Access allows me to watch recorded movies off my DVR on my iPad. It’s perfect for relaxing in an airport while waiting for my flight, or just hanging out in my hotel after a long day of work. Again, I’d like to thank you for introducing me to Concur!

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