Did your entrepreneurial parents inspire you to take the leap and start your own business?

It’s obvious that working with family is dear to us through our show, with BusinessBeware.Biz and through our own businesses. Sure, it’s tough working with family but the pros far outweigh the cons as far as we are concerned. Not everyone has worked with family but many do come from families with an entrepreneurial background and sometimes that plays a huge role on a person deciding to create their own business. We asked current business owners if their parents or family members inspired them to start their business and if they do work with family to share some insight on how they work together. See what Sandip of GoGetFunding.com had to say about his inspiration for starting his business…

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Did you grow up with your parents owning a business or any family members that were entrepreneurs? If so, tell us who in your family were business owners and how they inspired you to take the leap as an entrepreneur?

My parents worked traditional jobs for big organizations and they were happy with that. However, my brother enjoyed being self employed and I admired the flexibility that provided. It was also great seeing him able to take his company exactly where he wanted. I was employed as an investment analyst for a large corporation and I simply wasn’t given the creative freedom that I wanted.Creating online businesses has always been a passion of mine and after experiencing a fair degree of success, I decided to take the leap and leave employment to full-full my dreams of working for myself! Cheesy but true!

If you decided to join the family business rather than start your own, what was the deciding factor for you? If you started your own business because you didn’t want to join the family, what was the reason?

I didn’t want to join my brothers business and I knew my passion related to creating online businesses. For me, passion and enjoyment come before anything else.

Even though your family members were entrepreneurs, were they supportive of you creating your own business?

They were whole heatedly supportive. I’m not one to make rash decisions and I think they appreciated that I had given it quite some thought. I had also been working on my online businesses in my free time while employed so they had seen the amount of dedication I put into it.

When you created your startup did you ask your parents for funding or did you choose to get a bank loan?

The amazing thing about online businesses is that they often require very little funding to get going so I self funded through my savings.

What was the hardest thing about growing up with family members owning a business? And if you work with family, what is the toughest thing about working everyday together?

There’s nothing really hard about growing up with family members owning a business. I just saw it as an inspiration.

What’s the best piece of advice you received from family members that have been there, done that?

The most valuable piece of advice was to not spread my efforts too thin. I often had several business ideas running through my head that I wanted to implement but when I did, I would find it hard to manage all the different elements. I then chose the business that I was most passionate about and I just focused on making it amazing.

Tell us about your business or startup and what it’s all about.

I’m the founder of crowdfunding website Go Get Funding. The site lets users host a fundraiser for just about anything – from personal fundraisers to creative en-devours, charity events and more. The site contains a whole range of unique social features to help fundraisers spread the word and get the exposure they need. Recent successful fundraisers include a couple who raised $7.5k for IVF treatment in just a few days. Our site also recently helped a writer raise $1.4k so she could get her first book published! Pretty amazing stuff.

What do you do outside of your business for fun and a way to recharge the batteries?

I love martial arts and I train in several disciplines including Thai boxing, wrestling and Brazilian jiu jitsu. It’s an awesome way to stay fit and release any tension!

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You can learn more about Sandip and his business at GoGetFunding.com also via Twitter Facebook

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