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What options do you have to collect from non-paying customers?

You’ve sent numerous notices to your customer and you have yet to hear back from them. One non-paying customer can hurt but if you have 2-5 who have yet to pay you, that can really cause stomach pains.

In the business world it’s a little like going to college where the professors and society tell you that you have to get a real job in the end. Which means you have to follow a path of certain classes, spend a ton of money and then go to grad school to spend more money. In business, they tell you that if you can’t collect from a customer you have to pursue a collection agency, go to litigation or small claims court. All 3 can possibly help you get your money back but there’s a chance you won’t collect the money, it costs you time and money to pursue all 3 options.

As a business owner your time is precious and money is not always flowing in a business so why do you get the short end of the stick when it comes to trying to make a living with your business? It’s not fair and that’s exactly why we created Business Beware for you my friends. No, it’s not a traditional way of collecting from customers BUT it is to an extent because it’s just letting them know, “hey I want to collect my money and let’s be done with it.” Customers do get your notices that you send to them but they choose to ignore it. Sometimes it takes someone else stepping in from the outside before the customer pays attention. You know when you’re young and your parents are telling you one thing but you don’t listen to them and for some reason someone else can say the exact same thing and you do listen? Pretty much the same thing in all honesty.

Why you don’t need a collection agency:

We understand where you might be a little hesitant about using BB so we thought we would break it down for you with a few recent numbers that might just make you change your mind:

  • A contractor in CO just collected $1290 from a customer that had not heard back from their customer in over 3 months.
  • A web designer in NC collected $800 from a customer that would not get back with them in over 5 months.
  • A catering business in OR just collected $5300 from an event they did over a 2 months ago where the customer insisted on not paying just because she didn’t feel like it.
  • A landscaper in OH collected $10,110 from a large project where a customer didn’t pay for over 8 months.

Since we started the “beware letter” – collect from no-pay customers and don’t pay a percentage. service with BB, we have maintained a 93-96% return rate with it. Sure, there are some that didn’t collect but most of those have been ones that had customers from over a year ago not pay. Most likely if you wait over a year to pursue or take action to collect your money, that customer is not going to budge (and even a collection agency would tell you that).

We are business owners ourselves and we know it’s no fun when you complete a large and awesome project that you’re proud of and then don’t get paid for it. It’s not just a low blow to the ego, it’s a low blow to your business staying afloat. When we created the letter we tried on 10 of our customers in our businesses that owed us and 9 out of 10 mailed in their checks or called us with their credit card numbers ready to pay. It works and if this can help you save money and time with your own business, then we’re tickled to death because we know just how important both are to a business. It’s your choice but it’s sort of a no-brainer when you compare it on paper….0% vs 20-50% Learn more at BusinessBeware.Biz 

We leave you with a little bit of southern wisdom for your business: