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Is Google+ something your small business can benefit from?

Everyday there are new social media platforms popping up where people will say to use this, use that one but what will truly benefit your business? Some social outlets can be very useful for a business especially if you’re selling products nationwide and trying to reach a large scale audience. If your sales and customers are local you may benefit more from Facebook with your customers and posting coupons, updates and fan photos etc. Just completely depends on who you’re trying to reach and how broad your audience is. Some compare Google+ to Facebook but there is still a little bit of a difference but apparently Google just hired Kevin Rose of Digg to work on Google+ so there may be some really awesome features coming soon.

No matter what social media you choose to use just make sure it’s benefiting you and not taking up too much of your time. If you waste too much time on it then it takes away from your business operations. And don’t feel like you have to use all of them. Try some and then go with your favorite or where you see results. AND most importantly, BE SOCIAL. There’s a reason they call it “social media.” See what our expert Alyssa Gregory had to say about the question sent in by a viewer.

About Alyssa:

Alyssa Gregory consults small business owners, writes about small business topics, brings entrepreneurs together, and speaks to groups about starting, managing and growing small businesses. In 2011, Alyssa was named as one of 100 small business influencers in North America. Alyssa’s passion for creating opportunities for collaboration and sharing knowledge inspired the launch of the Small Business Bonfire, a social, educational and collaborative community for small business owners. On a typical day, you can find Alyssa sharing business tips, advice and resources on About.comSmall Business Bonfire BlogTwitterFacebook and Google+. For more, please visit:

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