How One Project Can Turn Into A Business: Interview With James Pader Of Mountain Laurel Handrails

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We love stories where people created something because they love it and then it just evolves into a business. James Pader did just that with Mountain Laurel Handrails. He had a construction company and created a custom railing project and added it to one of the houses they built. Uploaded the photos online and he had so many inquiries about it that it led to many more custom railing orders.

James isn’t afraid of hard work and figuring out what’s best for his business. In our chat, he talks about how social media and SEO play such a vital role in potential customers finding him. He offers his advice on what he’s learned to those who are hesitant about using social media and taking time to use the internet to help their business grow. James will be on DIY’s “Man Caves” on March 23 at 9pm so make sure and tune in to see him work his magic on the show.

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Ashley is the co-founder and co-host of Business Beware. Her passion is learning the background of how and why a business started and of course bringing a little laughter to business owners everyday. Proud member of the YEC too.


  1. Nathan Hawkins /

    Great interview! Love what he mentioned about Seth Godin and that as a business owner (and what he does) he has to take time in the morning to answer emails etc. Very honest and real guy, thanks for sharing your story James! Will catch you on the Man Caves show bro!


  2. Ashley /

    Glad you enjoyed it Nathan! James is an awesome guy and very down to earth. Anyone can learn a lot from this guy so don’t hesitate to ask him any questions or even order his awesome custom designs!

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