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Should you add a food/wine pairing list to your new menu for your customers?

We had a question come in from a new restaurant owner who wanted to know if he should add food/wine pairings to his menu to add value or should he have his employees share the information? We knew our expert Kris was the right one to answer this question. Check out what he has to say about it.

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About Kris:

Kris is one of only a few Certified Sommeliers (Court of Master Sommeliers) and Certified Specialist of Wine (Society of Wine Educators) in North-East Florida. He created BlogYourWine.com (and it’s networked websites) in order to give people the resource he never had: an unpretentious, user-friendly, fun, interactive guide to the world of wine.

Kris Chislett
Certified Sommelier and Certified Specialist of Wine
email: kris@blogyourwine.com
twitter: @krischislett

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