If you haven’t seen the movie “Moneyball” yet, I suggest you do. It’s one of those movies that every entrepreneur needs to put on their list. A guy goes against the flow and has an idea that everyone says would never work in the game of baseball. I won’t ruin it for you but I will definitely share two quotes that I took away from the movie that totally relate to a small business owner/entrepreneur.

“If we try and play like the Yankees in here then we are going to lose to the Yankees out there.”

We have been talking about this lately on the show about how you can’t build your small business around corporate models and their thought process. Why? Because you will fail.  Corporate companies are even backtracking and trying to “act small.” Gary Vaynerchuk talks about how HP is implementing this into their company. So don’t play like the Yankees (aka Corporate companies) in your business because you won’t win against everyone else out in the field.

“MLB thinks the way I do and you’re going to lose with your thinking.”

As Brad Pitt starts to implement his idea into the Athletics roster, he is constantly receiving criticism from his own staff and coaches. One guy turns to him and says this and immediately I thought “How many times does this happen to an entrepreneur?” I think any business owner that shared their idea had some critics say how silly it was or that a certain field wouldn’t allow that etc. I know every single person in our family has been told no before and it made us want it even more. Don’t listen to those that say “It’s not the way it is,” because quite frankly it’s the ones that continue to innovate that stay ahead in the game.

Both of these quotes can teach you something but most importantly you need to know that if you believe in something, it can happen. It’s not easy and a lot of hard work is involved but that’s what makes it worth it. Sometimes you have to take a leap but if you don’t, you will never know what could have been.

Has someone ever told you that your idea wouldn’t work?