Robert Bodi Is Officially On Twitter

It’s been a running joke about giving Dad a Twitter account. We’ve had numerous people ask if dad “tweets” and of course the rest of us say “oh no, he’s not allowed to tweet.” Well, the day has come that Robert Bodi is officially on Twitter. He is known for the things that come out of his mouth that we now have started to call “Bodisms.”

Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:

You know those sayings or quotes that you hear where you go “What in the world???” But then when you think about them they totally make sense and have a ton of meaning to them (also known as country boy wisdom)? That is exactly what the Bodisms are. They are full of true meaning but also can totally make you laugh until you cry. Follow Dad on Twitter: @Bodisms


Ashley is the co-founder and co-host of Business Beware. Her passion is learning the background of how and why a business started and of course bringing a little laughter to business owners everyday. Proud member of the YEC too.

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