Know of a bad customer that you wish you could have seen coming beforehand?

You can’t always see it coming when you first meet a customer but there are signs that could give you a glimpse of what this customer might be like to work with in the future. As a new business owner (or even seasoned one) you have to realize that you have every right to make sure that the customer “fits” your business. What exactly does that mean? That means you have the right to fire or hire a customer. If you immediately see that a customer is demanding from the start then most likely they are going to be demanding the entire time you work with them. Do you want to deal with that? You shouldn’t, so fire them from the start.

Here are signs that a customer has the potential to be what we call a “CustoMonster.”

  • They ask “how fast can you get it done?”
  • They tell you upfront that they are getting a few different quotes.
  • They tell you that another company gave them a discount and they “hint” you should too.
  • If they stand over you the entire time you’re out there showing them products or working up a potential bid.
  • If they call you the same day to see if the quote is ready (even though you told them you would get back to them by the end of they day or the next).
  • They don’t want to pay a down payment upfront even if it is your policy.
  • They don’t want to deal with an employee, they only want to talk to the business owner or manager.
  • They immediately think they should get a discount for “choosing you.”
  • They want to change the contract after you worked it up and sent it over to them.
  • If they want you to work up a quote 3-10 different ways.

These are just a few signs that the customer you’re chatting with about a potential project may just cause you some problems down the road. These are warning signs to watch out for but ultimately it’s up to you to go with your gut on if you want to work with them or not. What it truly comes down to is that it’s YOUR business. Don’t be afraid to not hire a customer that you don’t see fit for your business. Robert is always talking about this on the show and follows up with “ask me how I know…” When in doubt always go with your gut.

In case you missed the live event we did with our friends at the YEC about dealing with problem customers, you can check it out right here.

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