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Do you live in a small town that lacks networking events?

Let’s face it, we all don’t live in one of the awesome cities of NYC, San Diego, Atlanta etc. where the networking events are never ending. But just because you don’t live in these places doesn’t mean you can’t network effectively with others. Sure being in a small town of 2500 has it’s limits but if you’re going to make it as entrepreneur you’re going to have to think outside the box. Check out Lisa’s tips for those looking to network in a small town.

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About Lisa Nicole Bell:

Lisa Nicole Bell is the personification of what happens when art and commerce collide. A passionate communicator and relentless solution finder, Lisa is a unique hybrid of on air personality and behind-the-scenes powerhouse. As an award winning filmmaker, media personality, social change agent, international speaker, and media entrepreneur, Lisa is the conductor of an orchestra of businesses and media properties. Blending her creative instincts and business acumen, Lisa creates socially conscious projects and brands that give birth to new conversations and inspire meaningful change. Her way of integrating lofty ideals with practical solutions and sustainable business models make her a respected authority on personal development, social change, and business.She has been seen on Forbes, Huffington Post, Under 30 CEO, Reuters, PBS, and more. Visit www.lisanicolebell.com to learn more.

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