Are Emails and Social Media Considered Good Documentation Between You And Your Customer?

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Are emails and social media considered good documentation between a business and customer? 

This question often comes up because so many business owners now use email and social media on a daily basis to communicate with their customer. While this is great to have in case a customer decides to not pay you for the work you did for them, it doesn’t mean that you have the upper hand against them. Check out what our legal expert Jason had to say about the topic.

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About Jason Aufdermaur:

Jason is an attorney for Morris Law Partners LLC of Atlanta, GA. “The majority of Jason’s practice focuses on his role within the Business Negotiations and Consulting Practice as a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs and business people as they continue to create and develop their businesses.” Be sure to connect with Jason through the links below.

Jason Aufdermaur

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  1. Jean Neeman /

    Wow this is great information. I had thought for a while that this would be sufficient but glad to know what all I need to make sure to have when dealing with the customer. Thanks for the advice!

  2. Jason /

    Hi Jean,  I’m glad I could be of service!  Please let me know if you have any other questions… 

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