Have you ever gone to a website before and wanted to learn more about the business but all you can find is small “About Us” page that reads:

“ABC company was founded in 1983 and continues to wow customers through the years.”

Is that all you got? I mean really where is the rest of the page? How many times have you seen this when you come across a small business website? It seems it happens to often that the “about us” page gets a backseat when in truth it’s one of the most important pages you can have to really let people learn about your business. People now more than ever want to get to know the person or business they are about to purchase from or work with. There is only so much you can say through words before meeting someone and it comes down to how much are you willing to share about yourselves and your business? Don’t hold back, tell the truth and be transparent.

If you have an amazing family business with an awesome story to share then SHARE IT! Have some cool awards that you received for your killer barbeque sauce at the county fair? Go ahead and brag about it because that is something you accomplished with your business and others should know why your sauce is the best. Give quick bios of each member of your team and for fun let them share a few quick trivia questions that shows their personality. Here’s a quick list of some things you can include in your about us page:

  • Company background and journey of how you got where you are today (even add some humor)
  • Team member bios
  • Awards you’ve received for your business or products
  • Photos of your team, office, on the job etc.
  • Fun facts about your business (don’t hold back and be creative)
  • A welcome video or one that shows a typical day in the office (personality counts!)

Yes, this is a simple thing to do but if it’s so simple why are so many small business owners not doing it? Who knows maybe your about us page needs some shaping up too…if you have not touched the page in about 3 years it’s time to change it my friend. And one important thing you need to know is don’t feel like you ¬†have to have a boring, clean-cut, one paragraph “corporate” type of about us page. You’re a small business, you have every right in the world to share your personality with others and let them get to know you and the “behind the scenes” part of your business. It drives me nuts when people think they have to model after boring corporate websites (that most hate anyways), just don’t do it. This is where you have the chance to show everyone just who you are and be DIFFERENT.

What’s your favorite part on your “about us” page for your business?


photo credit: what you’re missing kc