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We’re sports people and we literally can’t get enough of sports movies. Our favorite thing about these movies are the motivational speeches that come with them. There’s always something about the underdog and how you so badly and secretly want them to win.

Sports is like running a business. You have your team that has to practice, work together and ultimately you are all trying to accomplish a goal and win. 

Being a new start-up is like being the underdog in sports. People sometimes underestimate your potential and may overlook you until you make them stop and stare.

Practice makes perfect.

Every day that you press forward with your business, networking, marketing etc. is only going to make your business the best it can be. You’re competing with others in your field so are you going to rise above or get lost in the background?

Set your goals and don’t stop until you reach them.

Don’t be afraid to take risks each day and go with your gut. Think of it as there are 5 seconds left on the clock and you have to make the last shot to win the game. What’s your move?

Give your all and nothing less than 110%.

You should have this thought in your head everyday even if you’re going through some tough times because it will get better. You’re the boss, so make it happen. Too many think something is out of reach, it’s not.

It’s not easy being a small business owner/entrepreneur and the road can be a lonely one. Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration. We gathered a few of our favorite inspirational videos that get us pumped up for the day or anytime we need a “pick me up.” Enjoy and let’s rock.

We can’t embed this one but it’s definitely a goodie – “How Great I Am.”

What’s your motivation?