We know that decorating for the holidays can be a pain and sometimes expensive… but this year we are going to share some fun, cheap and unique DIY ideas for you to spruce up your office and bring in the holiday cheer!

This first inspiration is simple and cheap! Find some full and unbroken pinecones laying around or pick some up at your local craft store, spray paint them, add glitter, etc. and that’s it! Display them is a pretty bowl, vase… whatever you have laying around!

This inspiration is from the blog Creative Mommas. Check out their step-by-step process in creating these beautiful tissue paper trees! These are great for the office, simple and do not take up too much room, and most importantly… the guys will like them too! =)

This holiday rug is brought to you by A Beautiful Mess. Learn how to take a boring old rug, add some silver trees and spice up your office entrance for Christmas! Easy-peasy!

Our next inspiration for the office is from Creative Designs by Jen. These apothecary jars look great with the red and white decor (you could throw some gold/silver/green in there too!) Not to mention how pretty the candy looks… but who doesn’t like having some yummy treats around during the holidays??

For our last Holiday office inspiration, we bring you stocking tutorials! Each of these DIY stockings are great ideas to liven up the office, as well as give each employee something special to take home! Check out the following tutorials and get started making some fun and inexpensive stockings! (Tutorials: Diary of a Quilter, Martha Stewart, The Pless Press, and Susie Harris)

Now get to decorating lades and gents! And have a Merry Christmas!


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